Goran Tomcic

Marta Gnyp for Zoo Magazine # 27, 2010

Berlin-based, New York-educated Goran Tomcic is an artist whose works take you into a mysterious shiny wonderland. The Croatian-American is known for his exuberant collages, sculptures and installations made with layers of holographic plastic applied in a meticulous, almost obsessive manner. The combination of bright surfaces, provoking or ironic texts and iconic symbols creates artworks of great sensibility and tactility.

eternal embrace

Tomcic’s interests focus on the very essential universal human feelings such as love, desire, decay and death. He uses the idea of classical beauty more as a Trojan horse, as a mean to express his feeling about the ever-changing human nature.


The poem below, which was the basis for his installation A Shimmering Heart, demonstrates the depths of artist’s sensitivity that permeates much of his astounding art objects.

shimmering heart

Against My Heart

I will take bricks
and place them on my heart
and press them really hard,
but the heart will not break.
I will put my heart in the washer
and wash it in hot water with bleach,
but the heart will not lose its color or dissolve.
I will abandon my heart on a railroad track
and let a freight train pass over it,
but the heart will endure.
I will climb with it to a high mountain peak
and throw it into a deep ravine,
but its knocking will echo.
I will tie my heart to driftwood
and swim away in the opposite direction,
but the heart will follow me anyway.
I will get explosives
and wrap them around my heart
and explode them into uncountable pieces,
but the heart, my stubborn heart, will amplify.
I will betray my heart by cutting
the veins that carry memories.