The Art World’s Future: Koyo Kouoh and Marta Gnyp in Conversation with Matthew Israel at 92Y, New York

In this moment of major cultural and economic change, Matthew Israel, author of the new book, A Year in the Art World: An Insider’s View (September/October, Thames & Hudson), will lead a focused discussion about where the art world may be heading.

Israel will be joined by two international experts who are featured in his book: Koyo Kouoh, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town, and Berlin-based Dutch art historian and art advisor Marta Gnyp, author of The Shift: Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors.

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Expertengespräch – Kunst und Recht

Ein Gespräch in der Villa Grisebach mit Dr. Katharina Garbers von Boehm und Dr. Marta Gnyp Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2019, 18 Uhr. Grisebach, Fasanenstraße 25, 10719 Berlin

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The Last Supper After Leonardo

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition The Last Supper After Leonardo at Fondatione Stelline including artists Anish Kapoor, Robert Longo, Masbedo, Nicola Samori, Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun edited and curated by Demetrio Paparoni. Includes Marta Gnyp’s interview with Anish Kapoor. Other writers Maria Cannarella, Alessandra Klimciuk and Richard Milazzo. Published by SKIRA 2019 ISBN 978-88-572-4109-8

Thomas Schütte – Three Acts

The catalogue published on the occasion of Thomas Schütte’s first retrospective Three Acts in France, curated by Camille Morineau at Monnaie de Paris; includes essays by Camille Morineau, Paulina Pobocha, Dieter Schwarz and an interview between Marta Gnyp and Thomas Schütte. Hardcover / 192 Pages / 187 images / E/F. ISBN: 9789461615428

CoBo Conversation Series on Art, Art-Making & Collecting, 26 - 29 March 2019 at Loupe

Trends and Art Market Forecast 2019 (Wed, 27 March, 11:45 - 12:45) focuses on the latest collecting trends and market shifts in 2019, as well as challenges and opportunities ahead. Based on different market reports and predictions, such as the artnet News Intelligence report and Art Basel’s The Art Market 2018 Report, art market experts Marta Gnyp (art advisor and art writer) and Julia Halperin (editor of artnet Intelligence Report Spring 2019) will share their insights and forecast for 2019.

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Book Launch
2 April 2019, New York

Shirin Neshat, Robert Longo and Walton Ford in conversation with Marta Gnyp to celebrate the launch of the book “You, Me and Art. Artists in the 21st Century” by Marta Gnyp, published by Skira. April 2, 6 - 8 pm, Christies Education, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, 20th Floor, New York, 10020 (Rockefeller Center). RSVP: by latest March 25, 2019.

Book 'You, Me and Art. Artists in the 21st Century'.

You, Me and Art. Artists in the 21st Century gives extraordinary insights into rich and diverse artistic practices of our time. Never has contemporary art been so popular as it is now, never has its audience been so wide. In the rapidly changing and vastly expanding art world, one thing has never changed: it is the artist who remains at the center of the artistic universe. In fascinating personal interviews, seventeen outstanding contemporary artists re-flect on what does it mean to be an artist today, providing material to analyze the most urgent questions of the current art system. What values should prevail? How to define the artist when the notions of shaman, revolutionary, and bohemian are no longer relevant? What is the relationship between artists and their public? As artists operate in close connection with curators, collectors, and gallerists, to complete the picture, Marta Gnyp has given voice to a few excellent actors from these sectors who speak about their vision of contemporary art and reflect on the changing post-war art system

Available January 2019, Skira Publishers.

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Marta Gnyp on the power of collectors – CoBo Challenge 2018

An interview about many aspects of the power of contemporary collectors with Cobo Social Editor-in-Chief Selina Ting during Art Basel Hongkong 2018.

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Women in the Art World: The future is bright?

Part of Christie’s Education Conference 2018 Celebrating Female Agency in the Arts”, which celebrates the significant roles women have played and continue to play in the arts and their markets.

Sixteen sessions over two days explore women’s diverse contributions to the arts from a transnational and transhistorical perspective, reflecting global and historical diversity. Not advocating for a separate nor alternative history of art and its markets, the conference looks at the central role played by women in the creation, development, support and preservation of the arts and how their contribution has changed over time.

Sessions focus on women as artists, patrons and collectors of art and architecture, dealers and brokers, art historians and art critics as well as curators and preservers of culture. Including the presence of women in emerging and established art centers, historical aristocratic patronage, and the medieval period, the sessions will investigate a diverse range of topics.

The conference will take place at Christie’s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

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Book 'Die neue Macht. Sammler in der Kunstwelt.'

Translation into German of the book ‘The Shift. Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors.’

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Symposium On Contemporary Art Collecting and Society. The Millennium Revisited, 17-19 July 2017

Inaugural Lecture: The rise to power of collectors: the friendly take-over of the contemporary art world. An analysis.

Introduced by Isabel Durán, President, Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo, (IAC). The Symposium ON CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTING AND SOCIETY, THE MILLENIUM REVISITED, convened by Menéndez Pelayo International University is a joint initiative of the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Association of Private Collectors, 9915, in collaboration with the Banco Santander Foundation and the DKV Foundation.

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2017 Annual Conference of Association of Art Historians, April 2017

Lecture: Miraculous Resurrections: Contemporary art market of older women artists Session: Gendering Patronage: Women artists and the contemporary art market with conveyor Veronique Chagnon-Burke.

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Christie’s Education Conference 2016, 14 – 15 July 2016

Lecture: The Good and Bad Collector: Function of Morality in the Contemporary Art Market. Session: Pricesless: The Value of the Invaluable with conveyor Jan Dirk Baetens and Helleke van den Braber.

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Book 'The Shift. Art and the rise to power of contemporary collectors'

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ABC Art Berlin Contemporary 2014

Conversation between Martin Eder and Marta Gnyp at ABC Art Berlin Contemporary 2014

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Kunstmarkt gone crazy?

Holger Liebs im Gespräch mit Marta Gnyp, Ioannis Christoforakos, Max Gölitz und Julian Rosefeldt. Mit namhaften Akteuren der internationalen Kunstszene diskutiert Holger Liebs, Chefredakteur des Kunstmagazins Monopol, die Realität des Kunstmarkts “gone crazy”: ein Gespräch über Faszination und Logik des Kunstsammelns und die Zukunft dieses höchst spekulativen Handels oder “Artflippings”, wie Marta Gnyp die fieberhafte Jagd nach schnellem Geld auf dem Kunstmarkt bezeichnet.

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The Next Big Thing

The documentary film The Next Big Thing attempts to map various recent transformations in the contemporary art world. The film looks into those transformations and investigates what consequences the shifts of power are possibly having on artists, collectors, dealers and the history of art.

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Educating Artists

Educating Artists? is a two-day symposium dealing with recent developments in artist education. Addressing different educational models, the relationship between artist, tutor & student, between theory and skills, while approaching the subject from an ‘outside’ and ‘inside’-perspective, the symposium attempts to reach for new and alternative methods in artist education.

Book 'Made in Mind'

The artist is a central figure in contemporary art. The ready-made concept conceived by Marcel Duchamp at the beginning of the 20th century opened up the possibility of calling every object an art object. This subversive act aimed at aesthetics was one of the milestones in forming the notion of the contemporary artist: a conceptual and visual multi-tasker, surrounded by an aura of magic-making and carrying the heavy burden of art historical tradition on his or her shoulders.

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Amsterdam Art Foundation

The world of contemporary art, like so many other fields, has been transformed by globalization in recent decades. The Amsterdam Art Foundation aims to highlight Amsterdam’s special role as a cultural centre with a long modernist tradition, and at the same time to showcase today’s emerging artists and the fascinating contemporary art scene.

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